Advancing technology And Digital transformation


Our digital-first technology platform will have a significant, positive impact on how we deliver on our mission, including our choice of products and services, pace of innovation, and customer-centered approach to the plan sponsor and participant experience.”

Jeffrey Donaldson Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Technology and
Chief Digital Officer

Anytime, Anywhere Access

In 2016, when Mutual of America embarked on its strategic plan to modernize its technology, no one could have anticipated COVID-19 and the resulting shift to a hybrid work environment. Yet, our new advanced administration and recordkeeping technology platform was built for this moment.

By providing anytime, anywhere access to next-generation plan administration tools and information, our shift to a cloud-based, digital-first platform will enable us to meet the needs of plan sponsors today—and as those needs evolve over time.

Subhang Shah

Our product-delivery teams ensure we have our client and Company needs at the forefront, and that we execute in line with our strategic focus: elevating the customer experience, driving growth and promoting innovation.”

Subhang Shah Executive Vice President,
Deputy Chief Information Officer

New and Enhanced Solutions

“Our investment in technology and other related areas is an investment in our Company and customers,” said Jeffrey Donaldson, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Technology and Chief Digital Officer. “Our new advanced technology platform automates workflows and streamlines operations, with the goal of enhancing our ability to provide the high-touch, high-value services that set us apart from other providers.

“To make sure we achieved this crucial purpose, we engaged with plan sponsors and participants to understand their needs and priorities. I’m happy to report that the new and enhanced solutions enabled by this technology transformation are ones that can help plan sponsors and participants improve retirement outcomes.”

The new administration and recordkeeping platform’s powerful suite of high-tech capabilities is enhanced by Mutual of America’s commitment to providing the highest level of service and support, delivered through our robust, centralized service model.

Eight Mutual of America employees meeting around a large table at the Mutual of America Headquarters

A Driver of Excellence

Mutual of America’s Innovation Steering Committee was created to foster a culture that supports and sustains innovation. Based on a Companywide definition of innovation, the Committee:

  • Regularly assesses the culture of innovation and monitors trends in technology.
  • Develops strategies for innovation.
  • Creates and manages processes for innovation and measures their effectiveness.
  • Prepares recommendations to leadership for how technology can enhance the Company’s long-term objectives.
  • Works collaboratively with different divisions and departments to create and monitor well-defined Project Charters and Project Teams to focus on specific areas of potential innovation.
  • Quantifies the business value of proposed and implemented innovations.

“The purpose of innovation is to bring forward practical processes, products and services that can enhance the customer experience and drive operational excellence. In short, it is the lifeblood of a healthy, thriving organization,” said Donaldson.

The Benefits of Transformation

  • Integrated and automated Marketing, Sales and Service processes and data to speed growth and scale efficiently.
  • Single view of client experience to generate insights and continuously improve.
  • Omnichannel Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • Consistent and personalized client experiences.
Benefits of Transformation - Mutual of America