Enhancing the customer experience

Customer Experience

We’re designing the customer experience from the outside in, to ensure that interactions lead plan sponsors and participants to better outcomes.”

Debra Cruz Senior Vice President,
Customer Experience Management

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Most people understand the importance of saving for retirement. Yet, nearly 6 in 10 workers (58%) say that preparing financially for retirement stresses them out, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute.*

With this in mind, Mutual of America set its sights on reimagining the customer experience and how we empower plan sponsors and their participants to maximize the benefits of their retirement plan.

“Knowing your customers is critical to providing a relevant and meaningful experience, so we spoke directly with plan sponsors to better understand their needs and wants,” said Debra Cruz, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Management.

“We learned that customers value choice and convenience when it comes to accessing plan information. They want customized, actionable tools and information that can help them feel more confident about their retirement plan. And they want the high-touch, high-value service and support they’ve come to expect from Mutual of America.”

Michelangelo Di Paolo

Our digital capabilities and research have helped us to map the various customer experiences, from onboarding to account access and beyond. The resulting plan sponsor and participant maps are now the foundation for how we’re innovating new tools and solutions that resonate with customers.”

Michelangelo Di Paolo Second Vice President,
Customer Experience Management

Data-Driven Insights

Information gleaned from conversations with plan sponsors, combined with data-driven insights from Mutual of America’s modern technology platform, is helping to enhance our suite of plan sponsor tools and solutions.

Feedback from the interviews also helped with development of our newly designed and enhanced website, which recently launched.

“The website, which features intuitive navigation, interactive tools, and concise, action-oriented information, offers participants an exceptional service experience that meets them where they are in their retirement journey,” said Cruz.

Kim Hughes

We work with teams across the Company to understand the needs and concerns of plan sponsors and participants. That collaborative process helps ensure we meet customers where they are, with the right communications, educational tools and online solutions.”

Kim Hughes Senior Vice President,
Strategic Marketing Communications

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Building Customer Experience,
from the Outside In

Building Customer Experience - Mutual of America Building Customer Experience

* Preparing for Retirement in America, EBRI/Greenwald Research, 2021 Retirement Confidence Survey.