Providing Greater Efficiencies and Value for Customers


Our new, integrated technology platform allows us to share insights with team members and customers that are helping to redefine the retirement plan experience and add value for all.”

Chris Festog Senior Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

What Makes a Retirement Plan Successful?

Plan design, investment choices, and plan sponsor and participant tools and communications typically top the list. While these elements are vital, an integrated technology platform—and the data and insights it can provide—is rapidly becoming the connective tissue that drives a plan forward and spurs innovation.

Mutual of America's recent investment in a next-generation, cloud-based administration and recordkeeping technology platform is designed to enable a more dynamic approach to optimizing plan operations and meeting retirement plan needs.

Plan Data at a Glance

Plan sponsors have access to plan data at a glance to help them measure progress, drive strategy and improve plan results. Plan participants now have fast and easy access to personalized information and tools to help them track their savings and boost retirement readiness.

“The total modernization of our technology, and the integrated, holistic view of our systems and the data they provide, will enable us to take a giant step forward in delivering greater efficiencies and value for our Company and our customers,” said Chris Festog, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

“The needs and preferences of plan sponsors and participants—and the challenges they each face—are constantly evolving,” said Aferdita Gutierrez, Executive Vice President and Deputy Treasurer.

“Mutual of America's transformative technology platform enables us to see our business from the customer's point of view and build a common vision for moving forward.”

Aferdita Gutierrez

Every bit of innovation that our data helps us to uncover becomes a catalyst for the next step in our mission to help our customers build financial security for the future.”

Aferdita Gutierrez Executive Vice President and
Deputy Treasurer

The Ability to Innovate

The ability to innovate new ways of meeting evolving customer needs more quickly is also key.

“Where once customer needs and preferences were anecdotal, today, they are data-driven and actionable,” added Festog. “So, instead of working in silos, our Sales, Marketing and Finance teams, for example, can share data in real time, identify areas of opportunity and improvement, harmonize planning, and develop solutions to answer those needs.”

Seven Mutual of America employees conversing in an outdoor space at the Mutual of America Headquarters

Turning Advanced Technology into Action

Mutual of America's leading-edge technology platform seamlessly delivers a modern, customized approach to plan administration.

Workflow productivity tools put key decision-making and time-saving tools at the fingertips of plan sponsors to streamline plan administration, increase accuracy, and make it easier for plan sponsors to meet their fiduciary obligations and manage their plan.

Powerful data analytics deliver real-time monitoring of plan performance and customized, plan-level reports that give plan sponsors an intuitive view into all the vital elements of their plan and enable them to leverage new and emerging opportunities to improve plan health.

Relevant, interactive tools and tailored communications can help plan participants take positive action at each step of their retirement journey.

Cloud-based technology provides a reliable and secure platform; it also enables continuous innovation, allowing us to more rapidly roll out new capabilities as plan sponsor and participant needs evolve.

The 5 Pillars of Data Transformation

  1. Vision and Leadership
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Integration
  4. People and Operations
  5. Culture of Innovation