Expanding Investment Choices


Mutual of America takes a long-term approach to investing, offering differentiated investment choices to help plan participants invest throughout their careers and beyond.”

Stephen Rich Chairman and CEO,
Mutual of America Capital Management LLC1

A Strong Lineup of Investment Choices

In 2021, Mutual of America took a significant step forward in evolving its retirement plan investment choices by introducing a new custodial trust platform offering retail mutual funds. The custodial trust platform is in addition to the Company’s new, advanced administration and recordkeeping technology.

The new custodial trust platform provides plan sponsors with greater choice and flexibility in how they meet the unique plan demographics and investment needs of their employees. For example, the new platform includes a choice of ESG funds, wherein environmental, social and governance factors are integrated into the investment process.

“For employers, choosing a retirement plan provider that offers a strong lineup of diverse investment options for plan participants is one of the most important fiduciary obligations they have as a plan sponsor,” said Stephen Rich, Chairman and CEO of Mutual of America Capital Management LLC, a registered investment adviser and an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Mutual of America Life Insurance Company.

Jamie Zendel

Mutual of America simplifies the path to retirement with a platform of target-date funds designed to drive better outcomes for participants. Each fund provides a professionally managed asset mix that gets more conservative over time, based upon an assumed retirement date.”

Jamie Zendel Executive Vice President,
Mutual of America Capital Management LLC1

A Long-Term Perspective

The investment lineup made available by Mutual of America includes a diversified mix of passive and actively managed proprietary funds and funds from well-known investment firms intended to satisfy a range of investor goals and styles. Included among the funds offered is a series of target-date retirement funds.

All of the funds that Mutual of America makes available to plans are carefully vetted to ensure they are appropriate funding options for retirement plan sponsors and plan participants. By carefully selecting funds that are managed with a long-term perspective and a focus on risks, as well as on returns, plan sponsors can build their investment lineup with confidence.

“Mutual of America is committed to investing in new technologies and expanded investment options for the benefit of its customers and their employees,” said Rich.

Joni Clark

Investment preferences evolve over time. There is growing interest in funds that consider critical environmental and social issues. Mutual of America’s new, custodial trust platform offers retail mutual funds, including a choice of ESG funds, that have been carefully selected by Mutual of America for consideration by plan sponsors.”

Joni Clark President and CEO,
320 Park Analytics LLC2
Jamie Zendel and Stephen Rich having a discussion at the Mutual of America Headquarters with three other employees in the background

A Range of Options to Meet Participant Needs

Our platform offers a solid mix of asset classes.

Line graph illustrating the range of asset-class options offered by Mutual of America and showing a positive correlation between increasing potential return and increased risk. Classes included are Money Market, Fixed Income, Balanced/Target Date, Large Cap Equity, Mid Cap Equity, International Equity, Small Cap Equity, and Real Estate.

This chart shows how Mutual of America’s investment options compare in terms of risk and potential return. The spacing between funds is not meant to be exact, but rather illustrate relative risk and potential return. The Retirement and Allocation Funds are grouped together above with the other balanced funds for illustrative purposes. The asset composition of these funds can differ significantly and therefore can have different risk and potential return characteristics among different asset classes. The actual performance of the funds may differ depending on the investment options selected, timing of transactions, market conditions and other factors.

1 Mutual of America Capital Management LLC is a registered investment adviser and an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Mutual of America Life Insurance Company.

2 320 Park Analytics LLC is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Mutual of America Life Insurance Company.